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Unfinished Solid Flooring



Somerset Hardwood Flooring is a reputable flooring manufacturer that has grown dramatically over the past 20 years. Previous to their focus on manufacturing prefinished flooring, Somerset was well experienced in producing unfinished flooring along with quality Appalachian lumber. Demand for their prefinished flooring has grown; accordingly, Somerset has expanded to several manufacturing facilities in Somerset, Burnside, and Munfordville, Kentucky. Additionally, Somerset is one of the largest suppliers of Appalachian Hardwoods that have been Kiln-Dried.

Somerset's Dedication to the Environment

At we take pride in supplying floors from manufacturers that are concerned about the environment. Somerset is one of the few flooring manufacturers that actually owns and manages their own timberland and has a full-time forestry staff! This is a compelling aspect because Somerset also has 100-year plans for the forest it owns in order to secure the environment along with its success. Additionally, Somerset turns its excess wood fibers and sawdust into wood pellets that help the economy and the environment.

Somerset's Flooring Collections

This line of flooring contains nine beautiful flooring collections, each with a distinct character:
  • The Color Strip Collection is composed of seven floors that are manufactured from various Oak species and they all are solid hardwood.
  • The Color Plank Collection is very similar to the previous collection; however, as can be inferred from the name, the planks are wider than the strips. Additionally, this collection contains the option for obtaining the same style of wood except for having an engineered construction.
  • The High Gloss Collection features a glossy finish on top of seven beautiful Appalachian Oak floors.
  • Appealing to the history and character of America, the American Country Collection features various subtle scraping creating an appealing worn look and texture. The wood species that make up the seven products in this category include Hickory, Maple, and White Oak.
  • The Character Collection preserves the gorgeous character of the Appalachian Walnut, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, and White Oak by featuring naturally occurring knots and other character markings in order to create a unique yet attractive atmosphere.
  • In order to capture what is communicated by the name of the Southern Antiques Collection, both natural and hand-applied character markings are characteristics that you will find on the Maple, White Oak, and Hickory floors in this collection. Additionally, there are options to have a smoother appearance as opposed to a textured surface.
  • As you can conclude from simply reading Specialty Collection, there is something outstanding about this flooring. The beautiful Hickory and Maple floors in this collection feature some popular stained options, enhancing the elegance of these species' natural beauty.
  • The final collection is the Value Collection. These economically-priced Oak floors will increase the value and quality of your home without having to spend a lot.

Check out what Somerset has to Offer Today!

Below are the Somerset categories of quality solid and engineered hardwood. The floors manufactured by Somerset will match various home decor and will fit your budget. Whether you want flooring with a textured or glossy surface with dark or light colors, Somerset has what you are looking for! If you have any questions or concerns, the customer service at will be pleased to assist you in any way that we can!
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